Creative writing poems were written about the book We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Johnny, Mirren, Gat, Cadence
How little they knew
Of the island they thought they ruled
How little they knew
Of the Liars who came before them
Penny, Carrie, Bess
We were Liars long before
Johnny, Mirren, Gat, Cadence
We passed the summers at the island with
Late night swims
Early morning adventures
Whispered secrets
Ignored warnings
Filled with the feeling of invincibility
We too thought we too strong to break
Thought we could make a change
Because we were Sinclairs
Athletic, tall, handsome
Corrupt, lost, alone

One by one
Each one of us grew up
Started worrying about bills and mortgages
About health insurance and inheritances
Married and divorced
1, 2, 3, 4 children
Spending spending spending
To keep up the image
Of the beautiful Sinclairs
Until finally,
Mother’s fine china became more important
Our own happiness

Why Liars?
Why were we called Liars?
Because of the lies
Because of the lies people told about us
Sinclairs were strong
But broken
We were liars because
Our perfect lives
Our perfect deception
Act normal now
Because you are
Because you can be
In the end
I found
The greatest lies were the ones we tell ourself
Johnny, Mirren, Gat
To me, they were real
Until one day
They were not


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