Dear Jasmine- Final Reflection

Dear Jasmine,

This year has gone by so quickly! It seems like it was just last week when you were struggling under the mountains of pressure and assignments before midterms. Now there’s only a couple more days left in the entire school year!

Over the course of the English course, I think I’ve learned so much and my thinking has gotten so much deeper. Before I came to high school, I didn’t know how to properly an essay. I think Ms. Pucci definitely taught me how to structure an essay and helped so much with the writing. Then this year, I’ve definitely strengthened the fundamentals of my writing and improved so much from the beginning of my sophomore year.

I completely learned how to write a annotated bibliography, and also more about MLA format.  I learned how to write a strong introduction and conclusion, and how to organize my paragraphs. I also learned how to complete a more thorough and strong analysis of literature.

I also learned much more about on-demand writing. Before this year, I had never written a complete on-demand essay before and I really struggled since normally I take a very long time to write an essay. But with on-demand essays, I have to write with a different objective in mind and I am so proud that for my final I was able to finish everything on time instead of rushing until the very end.

Since I’m heading onto AP English next year, I’m so grateful for the lessons I received in this course. I think the improvements in my writing will definitely show next year and I definitely feel prepared for next year. I can also use the skills I learned about from writing my research paper in order to write my research paper in my senior year for m senior project. Also for college admissions and college essays, I will definitely take the experiences I learned from this class into my writing.

Even everyday, when I am reading a book or another kind of literature, I point out literary devices and themes while reading independently. I am able to think deeper everyday and I also focus on connections between books and everyday life.

Overall, I’ve grown so much in English and as a person as well. I think I am more comfortable with myself and I know much more about myself then I did in the beginning of the year. I know about my study habits and what I need to do to be successful. I may not know what will happen in the future next year but I know that I will turn out alright, Now let’s hope I can stop procrastinating for next year!




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