This playlist contains songs that relate to the various themes and topics within the novel Fahrenheit 451. The playlist has various different songs from various artists that connect to various topics in the book, like drug use, technology use, and rebellion.

Here is the link to my playlist on Spotify

Same Drugs *Chance the Rapper*
Happy Pills *Weathers*
We Don’t Believe What’s On TV *Twenty One Pilots*
Season 2 Episode 3 *Glass Animals*
R.I.P. 2 My Youth *The Neighbourhood*
Just a Picture *Kyle ft. Kehlani*
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now *The Smiths*
Message Man *Twenty One Pilots*
Machine *Misterwives*
Crazy=Genius *Panic! At The Disco*
Empty *Olivia O’Brien*
Something’s Gotta Give *All Time Low*
Killing Jar *Marcus Marr*
Box of Rain *Grateful Dead*

Same Drugs *Chance the Rapper*
This song relates to Fahrenheit 451 since in the song is about how the artist no longer has the same connections to one of his childhood friends. The lyrics include “We don’t do the same drug no more,” similar to how Mildred had overdosed on sleeping pills and Montag felt horrified at that fact as well as on a deeper level, Montag realized that he and Mildred were both very different people now. As Montag conceived how unhappy he truly was and how the TV screens and the Seashells were not of his interest, he notices how largely the same electronics he did not enjoy had affected his wife. Overall, this song relates to the disconnect between Montag and Mildred.
R.I.P. to My Youth *The Neighbourhood*
This song is dedicated to young adults today. One song line that really connects to Fahrenheit 451 is “Everybody’s talking but what’s anybody saying?” In the novel, Montag realizes how superficial and shallow the society he lives in is. Everybody is immersed in technology and a million different things, but no one is discussing anything meaningful, which is why Montag turns to books to try and find purpose and happiness. In instances where he interacts with his wife, he is reminded how simple minded she is as is her friends.
Machine *Misterwives*
This song perfectly captures when Montag is rebelling. Some notable lyrics are the chorus:
“I am tired of abiding by the rules
Causing me to second guess my every single move
You don’t know who I am or what I have been through
So don’t dare tell me what I should and shouldn’t do”
When Montag finally snaps is when he hoses Beatty with fire. He has seen enough and given the circumstances he breaks free from holding onto this broken society he lived in. after witnessing a woman burning herself in her house of books and to see and hear books and think about their meaning, Montag is fighting for books and he is now running for his life. This song embodies what he is doing and what he is going through.


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