Opening remarks: More and more frequently, there has been controversy on how much time people spend on their phones. Some argue that technology is destroying the younger generation. However, technology includes all of the inventions made by humans since their early development, like shelters or running water.
There are many different forms of technology and humans have been improving the quality of life since the very beginning of their existence. The past few decades, humans have entered the technological age of computers and smartphones and other screens. These new developments have revolutionized society.
Thesis: Despite its complications, technology has allowed society to improve and advance.
Subtopic #1: education and medicine
Paragraph on education
Claim/topic sentence- The fundamentals for influencing society is through education.
Overview (common knowledge)- The way students learn will have significant effects on their futures. Young children are blank slates. As they grow and develop, children learn tremendous amounts of information at a very quick pace. The new technologies established help aid to a child’s learning and also shape how children view technology itself.
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
Technology has changed the education experience for children and is being used across the country. In fact, “48 states and the District of Columbia currently support online learning opportunities” (U.S. Department of Education) and try to seamlessly integrate technology to be an extension of the curriculum. When schools use technology to enhance students’ education, they are creating a blended learning experience.
The blended learning experience causes more students to be motivated to learn, accelerates learning, and gives the children an advantage of being exposed early on to the technology that will become an everyday constant in their lives. In instances where the education a child is receiving is lacking in some way, technology can be used to supplement. For example, schools who are in distant and remote location or ones who cannot afford to have elaborate science labs and equipment can use computers and smart devices. Technology can “improve educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning, taking advantage of learning time outside of school hours, reducing the cost of instructional materials, and better utilizing teacher time” (U.S. Department of Education) being overall more efficient and more effective
Technology has also allowed for more students to be able to learn and given opportunities to children who have not been able to communicate or learn like other students have. Tools such as “dynamic Braille displays, voice recognition systems, talking books, speech synthesizers” (Purdue University) help the disabled further their education
If children are learning more productively now, they are better equipped to be more productive as they age and become adults. The children going through the school systems today, due to technology have the potential to be the best generation yet.
Paragraph on medicine and science
claim/transitional sentence: A better education paired with the new medical breakthroughs occurring due to new technology in medicine, society is becoming more and more impressive
Overview (common knowledge)-In the past, doctors have struggled to create solutions to innumerable diseases. Now with the help of technology, doctors are the path to creating cures to ailments previously thought untreatable, and have already created many advanced drugs in the process of doing so. Scientists as well have made groundbreaking discoveries due to technology
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
biology and physics as well as other sciences are becoming more dependent on computers. Scientists use computers for analysis and also for simulations and these technologies have made it much easier to make discoveries. In fact, there are many different types of computational of science now that are used for heavy calculations among other uses.
“as research on so many fronts is becoming increasingly dependent on computation, all science, it seems, is becoming computer science.” (Johnson)
Technology has allowed for a more personalized and much more efficient experience in the doctor’s office or hospital. There are individual medical records for each patient that can be accessed and tracked quickly, and also large databases filled with information regarding diseases that can be referenced. These practices show how technology “reduces the amount of paperwork, increases the rate of successful treatments and allows practitioners to look at the entire population when treating an epidemic” (Hendricks)
With genome sequencing, done with technology, doctors can find cures for diseases with much more ease
“‘About 8 to 10 years ago we were working with the knowledge of just one or two genes. Now we have a wealth of information on the ingredients of patients at the genetic level’” (Gwynne, Heebner)
With technology having a profound effect on medicine and sciences, new discoveries could to made to help humans achieve more.
Subtopic #2: industry
Paragraph on jobs
Claim/topic sentence- As children grow up and determine their future careers, they will find that a plethora of new jobs involving technology thewill be available for them. In contrast, formerly traditional jobs will not be an option, as technology has taken those jobs away.
Overview (common knowledge)- In futuristic movies and shows, robots and technology have often taken over the world. Whether it be flying shoes or an automated toaster that butters toast, there is an element of fantasy with these depictions, but they soon could be the reality. Technology is largely influencing jobs.
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
Technology creates new careers
“65 percent of children entering primary school today will end up working in jobs that don’t even exist yet” (Bremmer)
More jobs require coding knowledge as well and coding jobs get paid more.
“as many as 7 million job openings in 2015 in occupations that required coding skills.” (Dishman)
Analysis: Technology is providing more jobs and people with technological skills, skills that could have been learned in the classroom, are more equipped to obtain jobs
Paragraph on service
claim/transitional sentence: Outside of work, the services that companies provide people have also adapted with the ages.
Overview (common knowledge)- Taxis and hotels have been around for decades, but might have to work to keep up with the times.
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
Airbnb and Uber are revolutionizing the services industries at more ease to the consumer
Square is a delight for business owners
in the past, advertising has been with billboards and posters until television and video developed.
claim/transitional sentence: Companies have been changing not only through changing the way service is offered but by changing the way they advertise
Technology makes business much easier
Subtopic #3: communication and leisure
Paragraph on communication
Claim/topic sentence- technology has revolutionized communication.
Overview (common knowledge)- a large percentage of the population has smartphones and use social media and messaging everyday.
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
Connects people over long distances
More immediate communication
Super helpful
Paragraph on encourages people to engage with each other
claim/transitional sentence:
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
Humanitarian acts enabled by technology
Discuss donation mentality- gofundme and other websites where people are able to quickly perform an act of kindness
Large scale wellness projects and other things- (even flash mobs maybe?) are able to happen since people are able to communicate through long distances because of technology
Technology has helped people advance more quickly
Transitional sentence into counterclaim- some may argue that instead of helping technology advance, society is going backwards
Overview (common knowledge)- there are so many arguments these days that the younger children is only on their phones
Details (paraphrasing and/or direct quoting) with citations
Electronic communication is overtaking verbal communication
Technology is dehumanizing the society
Technology is harmful and can be potentially destructive. There should be limits to the outreach and extent of technology.
Rebuttal- technology can be used negatively, but it’s depends on the usage
Reaffirm your point- technology has changed the way society functions
Technology is a tool that can be used
Potential of technology is undeniable for progress
Final Remarks (leave the reader with an understanding of the importance or relevance of this topic) so what? Now what?
With understanding of technology, there is understanding of progress. How humans have progressed and how humans could progress in the future.


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