For my first speech, I used a poem written by Savannah Brown.

this city is alive
this city is alive
and if you don’t believe it
inhale and hug her to your
feel the reverberations of her
heartbeat in your stomach
she’s a pulsing beating quivering thing
and with every footstep
that echoes through her hollowed alleyways
cobblestoned hideaways
she learns

this city makes no promises
and there’s deceit in her mischievous eyes
but the pull of her paradise lips to your own is magnetic
she slams the strongest men
to their knees

she’s not a crescendo
she’s a bittersweet beauty
a heavy rumbling bass
a numbing buzz
every exhale like rolling thunder

this city is diseased
plagued with chronic loneliness and
the only cure is cigarettes and art

there’s a reason spidery veins so closely
resemble aerial night lights
and during the early hours of the morning
the brick almost seems to sigh
-Savannah Brown


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