For my second practice speech, myself and a fellow classmate wrote a little skit out.


Man the weather is so nice today

/jasmine litters

Yeah kinda hot tho

You’re right i wonder why /gestures to litter

What are you trying to get at colon

Jammin ur the reason for global warming


You;re the reason for global warming

Giraffe neck shortening isn’t a thing

Well how would you say your body temp is rn

Is okay feeling kinda sweaty tho

You are the global warming

Giraffe neck shortening isn’t real

Then why are you hot


Guess those genes skipped over you then

/jasmine gasps and b offended with hand over heart

Anyways why don’t you believe global warming is real. Animals like turtles and polar bears are affected every year.

Animals aren’t real. They’re just a concept. Kinda like global warming. I believe it’s all part of the imagination.

Did you just say animals aren’t real? What do you eat?

Im vegan.

Alright I’m pretty sure plants are affected too.

Yeah by me eating them all the time.

No by global warming. The climate shift will harm plants AND ANIMALS.

Colleen I’m not doing this right now. Giraffe neck shortening cannot be happening since it goes against evolution. In evolution, Darwin states that through natural selection, species of animals adapt to their environment and breed to





No jasmine, global warming is a real and serious issue within our society today. Global warming is a proven fact, with the planet’s average surface temperature having risen about 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century, which is particularly troubling since it is likely that the most recent trend in climate change is caused by us, humans. The excessive burning of fossil fuels and all of the pollution humans cause leads to detrimental effects which have already started to appear. Burning fossil fuels and other human activity releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and while the greenhouse effect is not harmful to the earth, excessive amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere means the amount of storms, heat waves and floods will increase. If human don’t start becoming more aware of global warming and changing their methods of everyday living to try and limit climate change

Oh global warming? I thought you said giraffe neck shortening in the beginning. Yeah of course I believe in global warming.

Jasmine the polar ice caps are melting because of you, go stand in the corner for me

Why is it so hot here

Well its usually 90 degrees



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