Mid-Year Goals


For the next semester, I want to work on improving the quality of my writing. I want to work on my organization as well as my transitions. Also, I want to improve my work habits. Most of the time, I will not complete an assignment without procrastinating, even if it is a very minimal amount of procrastinating. For the future, I want to be able to sart a project right away and finish assignments ahead of time.

Beginning of the Year:

Reading: This year I want to improve my evaluation of books. I want to be able to thoroughly interpret and understand all of the books we read this year.
Writing: In terms of writing, my goal is to be nearly completely proficient in my writing with very minimal mistakes made by the end of the year.
Work Habits: I aim to always turn in work on time and manage my time successfully.
Public Speaking: I want to be completely confident in presenting in front of an audience. Specifically, my focus this year is the delivery of my presentations. I want to be able to have a good volume, be well-rehearsed and be effective.